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Paul Bettany


Movie Review: “Transcendence”

It’s another science fiction thriller that’s awkwardly big and clunky instead of attractively modest and spunky.


(Jeremy Irons stars in "Margin Call," a drama based on the 2008 Wall Street meltdown.)

Movie Review: ‘Margin Call’

This is a vivid snapshot of an early stage of 2008’s financial crisis that exposes, provokes, disturbs, and even sickens.


(Mia Wasikowska and Jamie Bell are among the stars in a new version of  "Jane Eyre," now out on DVD.)

Home Video Report: Some Quirky Features Headed to DVD

A few surprises in this week’s home video report, although some of the subjects are familiar.


(Thor debuts on top, taking home $66 million to open up the Summer movie season. Credit: Paramount Pictures)

Thor Keeps Hammering Competition At The Box Office

The thunder of Thor continues as the son of Odin takes home top honors at the box office for a second week.



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