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FaceCrypt App

FaceCrypt lets you encrypt your passwords by using facial recognition as a failsafe.



eBay Urging Customers To Change Passwords

By Jim Donovan: eBay is urging customers to change their passwords and to take other protective measures following a cyber-attack that compromised the security of certain non-financial data such as customer names, encrypted passwords, email […]



Fast Access App

FastAccess is a facial recognition app that lets you log on to banking and other sensitive sites by simply looking at the screen.



3 On Your Side: Protecting Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

Is your Facebook password the same as the one for your Twitter account? You could be asking for trouble.


CNET Offers Tips For Creating Secure Passwords On Social Media Sites

Yesterday’s LinkedIn hack left millions of user passwords for the business social networking site in the wrong hands. Experts recommend members change their passwords — but to what, exactly?


computer scam

On Data Privacy Day, Expert Asks, ‘What Are You Doing To Protect Your Info?’

“The data you share is massive in quantity. What are you doing to protect that?” Asks Mark McCreary, a data security attorney at Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia.


password security

3 On Your Side: Password Safety

We do more of our day-to-day activities online and on Smartphones than ever before, but are you really doing the best job in keeping yourself safe?



3 On Your Side: Choosing A Better Password

With so many stories of hackers threatening the safety of our personal information, it’s more important than ever to have a good passcode.