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Paranormal Activity


Best Creepy Historic Sites In The U.S.

Here are some of America’s creepiest historic sites every person curious about the paranormal should visit.


("Frozen" is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.)

Weekend Box Office Report: Frozen Keeps The Competition On Ice

After several weeks in a row as the box office runner-up, the animated musical, Frozen, finished first by earning an estimated $21-million.


(credit: AFP)

The Five Scariest Movies Ever

Spike Eskin gives his top five scary movies of all time.



Movie Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 4’

This third sequel in the popular supernatural horror-thriller series should by all rights have us singing the “enough-already blues.” But darn if it doesn’t still deliver.


(Credit: Dimension Films)

Movie Review: ‘Apollo 18’

An alarming lunar landing looms large in this science fiction adventure that offers a few echoes of “Alien” and manages to not only startle but frighten.