Paralyzed Cat Becomes An Inspirational Internet StarSocial media is filled with all sorts of cat videos, however one feline's inspirational story is warming hearts and teaching people about the value of compassion.
Injured Brain May Distort RealityIt is one of the strangest cases of our brain impacting our perception of reality. It is called anosignosia.
Early Intervention Limits Damage From StrokeThe effects of a stroke depend on several things including the location of the damage and how much of the brain is affected.
Oxygen Levels May Influence Recovery From Spinal Cord InjuryIn a recent study of people with spinal cord injuries, researchers found that patients exposed to low oxygen performed better than those with normal oxygen levels.
Earlier Treatment Improves Stroke RecoveryEvery 15 minutes sooner that a patient receives stroke treatment, there is a 4 percent reduction of stroke symptoms and deaths.
Health: New Hope Locally For Patients With ParalysisThere is new hope for patients who struggle with paralysis from strokes or accidents, and it's a first in Philadelphia. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you a new bionic arm.
Man Paralyzed In Philadelphia Shooting Testifies In CourtDuring a gut-wrenching and emotional sentencing hearing, family and friends of 29-year-old Kevin Neary struggled to explain the impact of this senseless crime.
Mysteries Of The BrainIn a medical condition called anosognosia, some alert and talking individuals who are paralyzed on one side of their bodies have no awareness of their paralysis and they claim their paralyzed limbs can still move.
Neural Interface SystemsPut in simplest terms, neural interface systems take messages from the brain - in people who have been paralyzed - and actually can lead to movement in robotic arms.
Philadelphia Rehab Facility Debuts New Technology That Allows Paralysis Patients To WalkGood Shepherd Penn Partners demonstrated the Ekso Bionic Exoskeleton, which is a lightweight robot allowing lower extremity paralysis patients to stand and walk.

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