Pain Management For The Weekend Warrior
Medical Organizations Warn Of Widespread Addiction To OpioidsThe American Academy of Neurology warns that the risk of using opioids for headache, back pain and other chronic pain is not worth the risk.
The Painful Reality Of Kidney StonesPeople who suffer from kidney stones will tell you the pain can be severe.
Addictive Painkiller Is Number One Prescription Drug In AmericaWhat do you think is the most prescribed drug in America today?
Managing Pain In Final Stages Of CancerNarcotics may be the only humane way to deal with severe pain at the end of life.
Pain ManagementYou don't have to live with pain, there are ways to manage it. Dr. Lisa Nocera an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at St. Mary Medical Center says there are many therapies which can help. (CLICK TITLE FOR MORE)
Managing Pain Without DrugsResearchers found that patients who had non-drug treatments for pain such as relaxation training, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, music or aromatherapy reported and average of 50% reduction in their pain levels. 
Doctors Being Trained In Narcotic PrescriptionsThe vast majority of physicians find themselves caught between patients who need strong pain medications to deal with chronic problems and manipulative drug addicts just looking for a fix.
Acupuncture For Your PetMany people have turned to acupuncture as an alternate method to deal with many physical ailments but it can be used for the well-being of dogs and cats as well.
Treating Neck PainNeck tightness can be frustrating, irritating and it can really slow you down. Here are some treatments.
Managing Arthritis PainPeople with arthritis will do everything they can to try and reduce the pain. Medications known as DMARDS tend to help.

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