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(The gallery of Philadelphia City Council.  Image from City of Phila. TV)

Phila. City Council Passes Another Paid Sick Leave Bill; Mayoral Veto Expected

This came after several lengthy speeches both for and against the measure on the floor of City Council.


(Supporters of mandatory paid sick leave demonstrate outside Philadelphia City Council chambers prior to a hearing on the proposed measure.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia Lawmakers Push Paid-Sick-Leave Measure Forward Again

After a day-long hearing, a Philadelphia City Council committee hasapproved a bill that forces local businesses to offer workers paid sick leave.


City Council in its caucus room in City Hall (Credit: Steve Tawa)

City Council Tries Again To Pass Mandatory Earned Sick Leave Bill

The idea was first debated in 2011, but died after a veto by Mayor Nutter. Now supporters of earned, paid sick leave are trying again.


file photo (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Councilman Greenlee Wants To Reopen Paid Sick Leave Debate

As City Council opens its 2013 session this morning, the lawmakers will find an old controversy is back.


file photo (credit: KYW's Tony Hanson)

Without Nutter’s Signature, Paid Sick Leave Bill Becomes Law In Philadelphia

Mayor Nutter didn’t sign it, but he didn’t veto it and now a bill that forces a small number of businesses in the city to offer their workers paid sick leave is the law in Philadelphia.


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Supporters of mandated paid sick leave were disappointed in the mayor's veto. (Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Mayor Nutter Vetoes Paid Sick Leave Bill

Mayor Nutter says the economy factored into his decision to veto a bill that would have mandated many businesses in the city give paid sick leave to workers.


(Philadelphia city council chambers are home to the first public hearing of the city's redistricting plans following the 2010 Census. File photo)

Philadelphia Earned Sick Leave Legislation Awaits Mayor’s Signature or Veto

City Council, the business community, and advocacy groups are all waiting to see what Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter will do about the bill that was passed last week requiring most companies to offer employees earned sick leave.


(Credit: Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia City Council Pass Sick Leave And DROP Bills

In the middle of pressing soda and property tax issues, City Council dealt with two controversial bills dealing with sick leave and the DROP program.


FILE PHOTO (credit: KYW's Timothy McLaughlin)

Philadelphia Councilmen Make Adjustment To Paid Sick Leave Bill

The debate continues in City Council over whether to force local firms to give workers earned sick leave. The proposal was amended Thursday, but not enough to satisfy critics.


(File photo)

Philadelphia City Council Moves To Exempt Small Firms From Paid Sick Leave Law

The original bill requiring earned sick leave covered all Philadelphia businesses, but now Councilman Bill Greenlee has amended it to exclude small firms.


(Activiists, outside City Hall, display orange postcards they say support paid sick leave legislation for Philadelphia.  Photo by Jim Melwert)

Group ‘Surrounds’ Philadelphia City Hall With Support For Paid Sick Leave Law

Community groups pushing for a new law in Philadelphia that would require most businesses in the city to offer paid sick days to workers urged City Council to move the bill forward.



Ultimate Approval In Doubt For Philadelphia “Earned Sick Leave” Measure

Philadelphia City Council was holding a lengthy public hearing today on a controversial topic: whether the city should require companies to offer employees earned sick leave.