Paid Sick Leave Gains Momentum In New Jersey, But Remains Divisive IssueEven though hundreds of thousands of workers in New Jersey have gained paid sick leave under a wave of local laws that have swept through the state in recent years, worker advocates say much more work needs to be done.
Reaction To State Senate Pushback On Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave LawCouncilman-at-large Bill Greenlee championed the paid sick leave bill, fought through two mayoral vetoes and finally saw the measure become law in February.
Council Committee Will Debate Sick Leave Again, And This Time The Mayor Seems To Be On BoardBefore Council's Public Health Committee is a measure that would require local businesses offer one hour of sick leave for every forty hours an employee works.
Sponsor Of Plan For Mandatory Paid Sick Leave In Philadelphia Says He Can Override Veto By NutterNext week will bring yet another city council debate over the controversial idea of mandatory paid sick leave in Philadelphia, and the sponsor of the plan now says he has the votes needed to override what could be a third veto by Mayor Nutter.
Nutter Optimistic About Reaching A Compromise With Council On Paid Sick Leave BillA city council committee on January 27th will debate Councilman Bill Greenlee's proposal to make sick leave mandatory in Philadelphia.
Task Force Final Report Due Soon on Mandatory Paid Sick Leave In PhiladelphiaA task force studying the controversial idea of mandatory paid sick leave in Philadelphia is due to send its recommendations to Mayor Nutter by December 1st.
Forcing Sick Employees To Stay HomeCan a company force a sick employee to stay home?
NJ Assembly Committee Postpones Vote on Mandatory Sick Leave BillThe current bill would mandate one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked, to an annual maximum of five days.
New Jersey Lawmakers Looking At Paid Sick LeaveNew Jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would require employers in the state to offer workers paid sick leave — a requirement that's been gaining some momentum.
Paid Sick Leave In NJ? Legislators Will Take Issue Up In The Fall Newark and Jersey City already have such a law on the books. Cherry Hill Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt is pushing the statewide proposal.
Mayor Nutter Creates Task Force To Study Mandatory Paid Sick LeaveNutter twice, in 2011 and 2013, sided with the business community by vetoing measures that would have required local companies to offer workers paid sick leave.
2013 IN REVIEW: Nutter Vetoes Paid Sick Leave BillA paid sick leave bill died on the floor of Philadelphia City Council, after Mayor Nutter vetoed the measure.

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