Organized Labor

(Photo: Publicity shots of Dick Devos, union opponent, and James P. Hoffa, union organizer)

Digital Debate: Teamster’s Hoffa & Amway Heir DeVos: Clash Over Unions!

James P. Hoffa and Dick DeVos have vastly differing views of unions, which is why in this heated political climate battles are raging across America over unions in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, California and other states, the two took time to participate in CBS Local Digital Debate.


(A pro-union rally in Philadelphia in February.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

Part 1: Unionism In The Philadelphia Region

With the decline of a unionized workforce in this country and growing efforts at union-busting, how is the organized labor movement faring in our region?


(An anti-union rally in Pennsylvania.  Photo by Pat Loeb)

Part 2: Organized Opposition To Unions

A national anti-union movement is trying to reduce the influence of public employees unions, including here in Pennsylvania.


(New Jersey governor Chris Christie.  AP file photo)

Part 3: The Battle Over Teacher Tenure In New Jersey

New Jersey’s governor is proposing a new statewide teacher tenure plan, something the teachers’ union says is part of a national movement to break up public unions.


(A pro-union rally in Trenton, NJ in February.  Photo by KYW's David Madden)

Part 4: Will Labor Unions Survive?

Union membership has dropped steeply since the 1980s, because of forces such as globalization, new technology, and the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy. Now public-sector unions are under attack, too, and the future of organized labor hangs in the balance.


(An estimated thousands of union supporters rallied today outside the Municipal Services Building, across from Philadelphia City Hall, in support of workers in Wisconsin who are trying to retain their collective bargaining rights.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

Thousands Rally In Philadelphia Against Wisconsin Governor’s Anti-Union Efforts

Organized labor in Philadelphia officially entered the “Battle of Wisconsin” today with a boisterous rally across from City Hall.