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On Anniversary of Shocking NYC Murder, Recognition For Good Samaritans Elsewhere

March 13th is “Good Samaritan Day,” recognizing strangers who get involved to help.


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OnStar Cancels Plan To Track Cars Of Former Customers

OnStar has made a U-turn on a policy that raised privacy concerns among former customers and led to calls from lawmakers for a federal investigation.


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OnStar Knows Where You Are Even When You Cancel

The company says it reserves the right to sell data even when the service is cancelled. That is ruffling feathers of Delaware Senator Chris Coons and others on Capitol Hill.


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Keeping An Eye On Your Teen Driver Could Get A Lot Easier With New System

OnStar is testing ‘Family Link,’ a system that will tell you where your car is when you are not in it. Currently, it is invitation only but it will open up to more consumers in the near future.


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Car App Control

Increasingly, car companies want to find ways to let you merge your smartphone with your vehicle but there’s concern over driver distraction, and that must be addressed.