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Online Shopping

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Online Grocery Store To Expand Into Philadelphia

Fresh Direct will begin making grocery deliveries in Philadelphia next week.


Online Shopping

The Mail Order Rule

Studies show that one dollar of every ten dollars spent is spent in on-line purchases. Now the law may finally be entering the 21st century as the ‘Mail Order Rule’ protects consumers.


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The Karma App

Ever realized at the very last minute that you’ve forgotten to buy a gift? With the Karma app, you’re covered.


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Pa. Pursues Internet Sales Taxes

When taxes are not collected on remote sales, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay what’s called “use” tax.


(The web site offers a hundred different gift cards that can be delivered via e-mail.   Credit: Ed Fischer)

Out of Time For Holiday Shopping? ‘E’-Gift Cards May Save Your Bacon

The time for Christmas shopping is quickly drawing to a close. But there are many people who still have gifts to buy.


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The Hipstery is a website for mysterious t-shirts.


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Where Do You Ship Gifts Bought Online?

Tis the season for buying gifts! With more and more people shopping online, where do those packages wind up getting shipped too?


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Zaarly is the new Craigslist, tailored to your smartphone.


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Governor Corbett Exploring Ways To Collect Taxes From Online Purchases

It’s estimated that hundreds of millions of sales tax dollars go uncollected each year because of purchases made on the Internet or from other retailers located out of state. But getting that money is not an easy task.


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Grocery shopping can be boring but the fooducate APP will not only liven it up, it might help you make better choices, too.


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Shopping around for the best deal can be time-consuming and exhausting. That’s where Spreezio comes in.


Online Shopping

Cyber Monday: Good News For Shoppers, Bad News For Supervisors

Cyber Monday means good online deals for consumers but possibly lower productivity for bosses to deal with.


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Cyber Monday Is Here But ‘Buyer Beware’

It’s Cyber Monday, the day when shoppers head to the internet to scoop up those online bargains from retailers and other sellers. A local expert says buyer beware.


BLOG: Best Shopping Websites

By Jim Donovan: Just in time for the holiday shopping season, ShopSmart magazine has published its first annual list of the best shopping sites. The list, which is published in the December 2010 issue ShopSmart, […]



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