Made Up Trade: Hawes Goes To Rockets, Sixers Net Jones, PickAs I start writing this, there is the possibility that I will have to trash it at any second. We've been waiting since Sunday for a big NBA trade, now that the December 15th, 'anyone can be traded,' date has passed. Nothing has happened, and I feel like we're going to see something soon.
Made Up Trade: Sixers Involved In Four Team Deal Involving Young, Asik, Anderson, JordanWould you make this four-team deal with the Sixers, Hornets, Rockets and Clippers?
Made Up Trade: Sixers Trade Young, Hawes, Acquire Two First Round PicksThis week's made up trade for the Sixers is a three-team trade with the Rockets and the Bulls.
Report: Sixers Could Trade For Omer AsikAccording to a report, the Sixers are interested in Rockets center Omer Asik.

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