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Study Finds Popular Pain Reliever May Dull Your Emotions

Ohio State University researchers found acetaminophen not only dulls your pain, but it also reduces your positive emotional response.


Stigall Show Log 5.6.13

Chris reviews the Broad Street Run, The Phillies blowout loss to the Marlins, the latest news on the Benghazi terror attacks, and potential snags in the plan to privatize Pennsylvania’s state owned liquor stores. He talks to Phillies Manager Charlie Manager, Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup, and National Security Analyst, Ed Turzanski.

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Marital Stress Can Make You Sick

A new study indicates couples who regularly fight have elevated stress levels that significantly impede the ability of their bodies to heal wounds.


Stress May Reduce Effectiveness Of Cancer Treatments

According to researchers at Ohio State University, physical or mental stress one or two days before cancer treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the therapy.