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Protesters rally against corporate greed in Philadelphia.

One Year Anniversary For Occupy Philadelphia

Although Occupy Philadelphia is not as visible as it was last year, some say the impact of the movement will live for some time.


Occupy members sleep outside the Wells Fargo building on Old City during the National Gathering. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Familiar Sight, Occupiers Camp Throughout Philadelphia For National Gathering

Members say caravans brought people in from all over the country, meeting here in Philadelphia with the goal of coming up with a document to outline the group’s future actions.


(File photo)

National ‘Occupy’ Gathering Set For Fourth Of July In Philly

Get ready for Occupy Fourth of July in the cradle of liberty.



‘May Day’ Protesters Occupy Center City Streets

Protesters occupied the streets of Center City Tuesday as part of the May Day protests that were planned across the country.


Occupy Philly Eviction 11

Expert: Organization, Message Next Challenge For Occupy

The challenge for the fledgling movement is to consolidate its message and grow.


Philadelphia police evicted “Occupy Philadelphia” in the early morning hours of November 30, 2011. After being evicted, protesters marched throughout Center City.

Mayor Nutter: Dilworth Plaza Occupation Is Over

“The Occupation of City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza is now over,” Mayor Nutter says. Philadelphia Police successfully evicted Occupy Philadelphia protesters overnight to make way for a long-planned construction project.


Protesters locked arm-in-arm on Dilworth Plaza, before marching through Center City. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Police Evict Occupy Philadelphia; Protesters March Through Center City

More than 60 hours after the deadline for them to get out of Dilworth Plaza, Philadelphia police moved in early Wednesday morning and cleared the Occupy Philadelphia tent city.


(police shut down 'Occupy Philadelphia' encampment) (credit: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Post-Occupy Dilworth Plaza Cleanup Begins

Sanitation workers are cleaning up Dilworth Plaza, the former home of Occupy Philadelphia.


Occupy Philly campers are taking in Thanksgiving donations at the food tent. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Occupy Philly Calls For Thanksgiving Donations

Occupy Philadelphia is in need of donations for Thanksgiving meals.


(Occupy Philadelphia protestors are asking for donations to help them get through the cold weather. Credit: Tim Jimenez)

Occupiers Prepare To Hunker Down For Winter

A progressive website has set up a union-made supply chain to provide Occupy Wall Street and other locations with warm clothes for the winter.


An SUV with a sign decrying bankers led the protest. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Occupy Philly Dances Through Streets, Protesting Banks

A dancing group of Occupy Philadelphia demonstrators took to the streets today and made their way to bank branches in center city.


(Credit: Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio)

‘Occupy’ May Hold National Assembly In Philadelphia

“Occupy Wall Street,” “Occupy Philadelphia” and the other “Occupy” protests around the nation are now considering staging a national convention next summer, and they’re proposing meeting in Philadelphia.


(Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Getting Arrested? There’s An App For That

When you’re getting arrested for civil disobedience, you need to get the word out to people who might miss you — or post your bail. Now, there’s a smartphone app designed to help with that and more ‘everyday’ tasks.


Corporate Greed

Hundreds Of Protesters ‘Occupy Philadelphia’

Supporters of the“Occupy Philadelphia” movement gathered outside City Hall on Thursday morning.