Train derailment in Philadelphia on May 12, 2015. (credit: CBS)

Feds Not Sure If Derailed Amtrak Train’s Windshield Was Hit

Federal investigators say they aren’t sure anything struck the windshield of an Amtrak train involved in last week’s deadly derailment in Philadelphia.


(credit: CBS3)

The Latest On Train Derailment: Was It Hit By An Object?

The National Transportation Safety Board held a press conference Friday to give an update on the investigation into the Amtrak train derailment after they spoke with the engineer and conductors. And from one of their testimonies, FBI officials are now looking into whether something struck the train before it derailed.


(credit: CBS)

Philadelphia Man Charged With Throwing Device At Office Of Pennsylvania Lawmaker

A Philadelphia man has been officially charged in connection with the throwing of a dangerous device at the campaign office of a Pennsylvania lawmaker Monday afternoon.