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Norman Werther

(File photo.  Credit: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Montco Doctor, 73, Gets 25 Years For Pushing Pills, Causing Addict’s Death

Federal prosecutors say Dr. Norman Werther of Abington distributed over one million pills, including some to an addict who died.


(The US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  File photo)

Feds Say Montco Doc’s Illegal Prescription Killed Its Recipient

Federal prosecutors say Dr. Norman Werther knowingly sold oxycodone to a person identified only as “N. B.,” a person that Werther knew was a drug addict.


(US attorney Zane Memeger flanked by other federal law enforcement officials in announcing the indictment.  Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Feds Bust Montco Doctor, Philadelphia Pharmacist For Dealing Pills

The way US attorney Zane Memeger tells it, this was an oxycodone “triple play” in which drug dealer William Stukes lined up fake patients to go to the Montgomery County office of Dr. Norman Werther, who were then driven to a pharmacy to pick up the ill-gotten pills.