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NJ Lottery Drawings, Now Online, May Soon Return To TV

The New Jersey Lottery had plans to take their drawings in house, and on line, long before NJN’s fate was sealed last week.


NJN News Director and Senior Political Correspondent Michael Aron and Jim Hooker big farewell. (credit: KYW's Cherri Gregg)

NJN Anchors Say Goodbye To Viewers For Final Time

As of July 1st, NJN will now become NJT. News Director Michael Aron, who has been with NJN for 30 years, says he hopes the new station will give New Jersey the type of news coverage it deserves.



Vote To Halt Transfer Of NJN Scheduled Today

The New Jersey state senate is scheduled to vote today on a move approved by the assembly last week that halts the transfer of New Jersey Network to public broadcasters based in New York. Approval is not expected to save the network.



New Jersey Assembly Rejects WNET Takeover Of NJN Television Station

Assembly members in the Garden State have voted to reject a deal that transfers control of the New Jersey Network to public broadcasters based in New York.



New NJN Operators Grilled By New Jersey Assembly About Network Plans

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – The New Jersey Network, also known as NJN, goes dark at the end of the month. It will be replaced by a new entity owned by the state but run by […]


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Christie Announces Deal To Turn NJN To NJTV

NJN now will be called NJTV and run by WNET, the New York PBS station which is the largest in the country.


Some 100 Public Broadcasting Employees Avoid Being Laid Off At NJN

Layoffs at New Jersey’s public broadcasting station NJN have been suspended by Governor Chris Christie.


NJN layoff notice

Layoff Notices Sent Out At NJN

“The mood is difficult, but I do have to say our staff has just been unbelievably professional,” said the executive director on Wednesday.


NJ Governor Moves to Get Rid of New Jersey Network

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has begun the formal process to get the state out of the broadcasting business, submitting a plan to the legislature for its approval.


NJN Could be Next Victim of New Jersey's Budget Crisis

Hearings are set next month that could well determine the future of public broadcasting in New Jersey.