NJ Senate President Says Christie's A.C. Plan Brings Stench of BankruptcyAnd if things play out as he expects they will, Steve Sweeney says he is ready to fight the governor's plan in court.
NJ Senate President Tells Turnpike Authority to Lay Off Toll Collection Privatization"If they (the Turnpike Authority) want to be more efficient, they should look at reducing the amount of administration that they have, because that’s where the real salaries are," state senate president Steve Sweeney says.
NJ Politician Steve Sweeney Will Run Embattled Phila. Ironworkers' LocalSweeney, a longtime union leader, takes over after ten members of the Philadelphia union were arrested on racketeering charges.
NJ Lawmaker Says Hurricane Sandy Rebuild Should Mean The End of Beach Tags"Since the residents of New Jersey are going to be asked to invest a lot into the restoration of these shore communities, I think once we restore these communities we should have free beach access for all the people," says state senator Michael Doherty.
NJ Senate Approves an Obamacare 'Health Exchange,' But Future UncertainIt still must pass the Assembly before moving on to Gov. Chris Christie.
N.J. Budget Expert Disputes Gov. Christie's Aggressive Growth ProjectionsThe governor gets his revenue projections from the state treasurer and puts them in his budget. Legislators turn to their own expert in the Office of Legislative Services (OLS).
Carl Lewis Folds His Campaign Tent After Being Knocked Off NJ BallotThe nine-time Olympic gold medalist said he would still be involved in Democratic campaigns and charity work. "Service does not need a title," he said.
Judges Put Carl Lewis Back On NJ State Senate Primary BallotMeanwhile, the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals wants the Camden federal judge who heard this matter last week to consider the effect on Lewis' candidacy of a state-mandated, four-year residency requirement, and to decide whether it runs afoul of the US Constitution.
Federal Appeals Panel Considers NJ Ballot Status For State Senate Hopeful Carl LewisA three-judge federal appeals panel in Philadelphia is now considering whether to put former Olympic runner Carl Lewis back on the New Jersey primary ballot for State Senate even as the question of his legal residency is debated in court.
Attorney For Carl Lewis Holds Out Hope For Olympian's NJ Ballot EffortOlympic runner Carl Lewis is running out of legal options to get back on the ballot for a Burlington County seat in the New Jersey State Senate.

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