Study: Thousands Of Microbes Found On $1 BillsThe bacteria, fungi and pathogens that were found on the bills can cause serious illnesses, such as skin infections, food poisoning and stomach ulcers.
Study: Emotional 'Hangovers' Can Affect Future ExperiencesA new study reveals that emotional "hangovers" can affect future experiences.
Secret Facebook Study Angers Large Number Of UsersA secret psychology experiment conducted on Facebook users without their consent has sparked outrage.
Getting Into The Ivies Is Harder Than It Used To Beigh school juniors and seniors are finding that getting into the Ivies, selective colleges, is harder than it used to be. Here's why.
Medical Ethics Expert Decries Politicking In Girl's Lung Transplant Case"When a judge or a congressman or a bureaucrat says 'I'm going to add you' or 'I don't like the rules,' this comes at a price," says nationally known medical ethicist Arthur Caplan.
'Social Reading' Books Become Places To MeetJennifer Howard, writing on Social Reading in <em>The Chronicle of Higher Education</em>, asks how sociable readers want to be (think of all the book clubs!) and believes digital margins are a way to draw students into assignments.
2 Americans Win Nobel Prize In EconomicsChristopher Sims and Thomas Sargent have no simple solutions to the global economic crisis. But the work that won them the Nobel Prize in economics Monday is guiding central bankers and policymakers in their search for answers.

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