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New Jersey School Boards Association

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NJ High Schoolers To Get Mandatory Training on CPR and Defibrillator Usage

A spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association says it’s good for high school kids to be trained — just in case.


Voting booths (Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Most N.J. School Districts Are Moving Their Election Dates

Four out of five New Jersey school boards have opted to hold their elections in November, rather than the usual April.


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3 School Budgets Sent For Review By Gloucester County, NJ Voters

On Tuesday, voters in the Monroe Township, Franklin Township, and Delsea Regional districts rejected school budgets in local elections.


(A polling place in Hoboken, NJ.  Credit: Hiroko Masuike/ Getty Images)

Most NJ School Districts Opt to Move Their Budget and Board Votes to November

All 538 districts statewide were given the option, as a cost cutting alternative. More than 85 percent agreed.


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Many NJ Teachers Head Back To School With A Smaller Pay Raise, Or No Contract

A quick look at the labor situation for teachers in New Jersey shows a couple interesting trends. New contracts are costing less and more districts are about to start the new school year without an accord in place.


(A polling place in Washington Township, NJ.  Photo by David Madden)

New Jersey Voters Head To Polls For Major Education Decisions

Voters in most of New Jersey’s public school districts are being asked to approve budgets and elect board members today. The political atmosphere this year is far different from last.