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Handicapped Parking

NJ Now Requires Doctor’s Note For Handicapped Parking Permit Renewals

Those placards are renewed every three years. The next time yours is up, you’ll have to go to your doctor who will recertify that you still need it.


school bus

I-Team Investigation Finds Alarming Rate Of School Buses Fail Inspection

In New Jersey, nearly half the buses fail their state inspections. And as alarming as that may sound, the CBS 3 I-Team found some bus operators have even higher failure rates.


Police Lights

Cops: NJ Man Calls Police, Threatens To Shoot Tellers Inside NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

A 45-year-old South Jersey man was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly threatening to walk into a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and shoot all of the tellers in June, according to police.


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Report: Half Of New Jersey School Buses Don’t Pass Inspection

About four-fifths of the problems were corrected the same day and the bus safely returned to the road. But for the remaining 20 percent, the shortcomings were deemed more serious.


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New Fines In Place For Cats And Dogs That Don’t Buckle Up In New Jersey

Click it or ticket. It’s not just for people anymore…at least in the Garden State.


NJ drivers license DL

ACLU Lawsuit Puts Kibosh On New Driver’s License ID Rules In New Jersey

Legal action by the American Civil Liberties Union has delayed New Jersey’s new driver’s license requirements.


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N.J. Prepares For Tougher Identity Requirements For Driver’s License Applicants

New Jersey drivers will soon need to meet new requirements to get or renew their driver’s licenses.


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For Police In New Jersey, New Temp Tags Make Vehicle Checks Much Easier

Buying a new or used car or truck is going to look a little different in New Jersey, where they’re doing away with the old-school temporary tags.


NJ drivers license DL

NJ To Run Visual Matching On All of State’s Driver’s License Photos

As part of a growing national trend, the State of New Jersey is about to check every driver’s license in the state for visual duplicates.


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Truncated Auto Inspection in NJ Cuts Waiting Times In Half

It’s been more than a year since New Jersey eliminated most aspects of automobile inspections.


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New Jersey MVC To Extend Hours As Of July

Starting next month, The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is extending its hours at all state offices. The idea is to meet the needs of customers so they don’t have to take off work to get services taken care of.


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New Jersey Driver’s License Gets High-Tech Security Upgrade

Officials have unveiled new driver licenses now being issued in New Jersey. The aim is to make them counterfeit-proof.


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New Jersey Closing 3 Emissions Inspection Stations

Two of the stations slated to shut down are in South Jersey — in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, and Delanco, in Burlington County. The third’s in Westfield, Union County.