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New Jersey Budget

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Camden, NJ Braces For Worse Times After Gov. Christie Slashes Urban Aid

Last week’s budget cuts from Trenton could leave financially distressed urban areas like Camden in serious trouble.


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NJ Gov. Christie Signs Bill Cutting Public Employee Benefits

Christie says the move is necessary to shore up the state’s badly underfunded retirement systems. He predicts New Jersey’s fix will be emulated nationally by other states facing similar shortfalls.


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Court Overrules Gov. Christie, Orders More Spending For NJ’s Neediest Schools

A ruling Tuesday from the New Jersey Supreme Court orders the state to spend more money on the poorest school districts despite Governor Chris Christie’s efforts to balance the budget.


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Christie Visits Evesham, NJ To Push His Budget Agenda

It’s Gov. Christie’s 40th town meeting since taking office, and he took Democrats to task for complaining about it.


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New Jersey Voters Head To Polls For Major Education Decisions

Voters in most of New Jersey’s public school districts are being asked to approve budgets and elect board members today. The political atmosphere this year is far different from last.


Poll: On Education, New Jerseyans Want It Both Ways

When it comes to funding New Jersey public schools, voters seem to want to have it both ways, according to a new poll.


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NJ Officials Admit Roads Are Bad, But Promise Funding For Fixes

New Jersey officials are conceding a fact many drivers in the Garden State already know: the roads here are in bad shape. But they have a plan to fix them.


Gov. Christie Confident School Budget Cuts Will Pass In Court

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie does not seem worried with the findings of a judge that he failed to meet court requirements to fully fund poor school districts across the state.


NJ Lawmakers Consider Privatizing Some State Services

by KYW’s David Madden New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reviewing a task force report on privatizing state services in the name of economy.