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(Gov. Tom Corbett, in file photo)

Governor Corbett Discusses Compensation For Communities Affected By Natural Gas Drilling

Governor Corbett says he’s willing to discuss ways to compensate local Pennsylvania communities affected by natural gas drilling, but he remains opposed to any state-level tax on gas extraction.



Industry Tried To Get Documentary “Gasland” Disqualified From Oscars

The natural gas industry has spent months attacking the documentary “Gasland” as a deeply flawed piece of propaganda.


Pa. Lawmakers in Harrisburg for Stretch Run

A spokesman for the state senate Republican leader said contrary to some opinion, he believed lawmakers would agree to a tax on natural gas extraction this fall. But he believes a comprehensive transportation funding bill […]


Two Killed in Gas Well Explosion in Western Pa.

A natural gas well explosion near Pittsburgh has left two people dead.


Regulator Faults Gas Company in Pa. Well Blowout

Pennsylvania’s top environmental regulator has released a scathing report on the cause of a natural gas well blowout in the north central part of the state in early June.




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