Health: Video Games To Fight DepressionThe recent suicide of Robin Williams has many people talking about depression. Now in addition to therapy and medication targeted video games are being used to help with mental health problems.
Online Alcohol Calculator Measures How Strong That Cocktail Really IsPlan on indulging in a cocktail or two over the holiday weekend? Depending on how it is made, it may contain much more alcohol than you think.
Testosterone Supplements Increase Risk Of Heart Attack For Older MenNow there is a report that reinforces findings in previous reports that taking testosterone could more than double the risk of heart attack in men 65 and older.
Sen. Bob Casey Says Budget 'Sequestrations' Undermine Medical ResearchSen. Casey emphasized that sequestration cuts not only hurt patients but also have a negative impact on the overall economy.
In S. Jersey, As Elsewhere, Gov't Shutdown Pressure On Medical StudiesThe government shutdown isn't having an immediate impact on local medical research. But for some sick people, it could be delaying their treatment.
Stigall Show Log 10.3.13Chris continues to delve into all the details of the ongoing government shutdown. He talks to Senator Pat Toomey, Vietnam Veteran Claire Book, and Dr. Betsy McCaughey about Obamacare.
Psychiatric Lyme DiseaseWhen people talk about Lyme disease they talk about issues like arthritis, but Lyme can do far more damage in other areas - including the brain.
Penn Medicine Receives Grant For Asbestos Study In AmblerUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Associate Professor Dr. Fran Barg says Ambler has been profoundly affected by mesothelioma.
Personal Physician May Help You Lose WeightAccording to a report from the National Institutes of Health, your primary care physician might help you lose weight.
Researchers Find New Genetic Mutation For Lou Gehrig's DiseaseALS or Lou Gehreig's Disease has been one of the most frustrating conditions for modern medicine. However, now a team of researchers at the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins believe they have identified a new genetic mutation for Lou Gehrig's Disease.
Specter Looks Ahead After 30 Years In US SenatePennsylvania's longest-serving US senator met with reporters in Washington on Thursday as the end of his fifth and final term draws near.

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