( Congressional CC - Courtesy USGA )

Open Season

This is the week I flex my muscles around the office as the defending champ in the last major’s office pool.  Yes, I had Charl Schwartzel to win the Masters.   Never mind that the pool […]



Hit n’ Misc.

PGA Master Professional George McNamara will be holding a couple of AimPoint Putting and Green Reading Clinics at Brandywine Country Club on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26.  This is the technique behind the […]


( Courtesy Heritage Creek Golf Club )

“…Stop by on his way home from work, get in six holes and his wife never knows a thing.”

Nah, golfers wouldn’t do that, would they???!!!!!   That quote came from a nice piece by Joe Logan on the current 6-hole layout (and soon to expand to 9) at Heritage Creek Golf Club in Bucks […]