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Plant Your Garden With Pets In Mind

Here are some gardening safety tips to keep your companion animals safe and sound.


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Simple Solution To Prevent Weeds

Here’s a trick for preventing weeds without using herbicides or weed killer.


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Mow Leaves Into Mulch

As the leaves start dropping, before the piles start growing, just keep mowing. The leaves will get blitzed into bits that will be a treat for your lawn.


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Leave Leaves To Feed Trees

When you take leaves away from under a tree and dump mulch on the ground in their place, the mulch can’t begin to replace all the nutrients the leaves had naturally.


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Too Much Mulch

No matter how many times you see it that way in someone’s yard or a parking lot, mulch should never be piled up against a tree trunk like a volcano.


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Leave Leaves!

It’s smart to get leaves off of your lawn so your grass isn’t smothered – but dragging leaves to the curb every fall and then going out to buy heavy bags of mulch and fertilizer in the spring makes no sense.


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Refreshing Ideas For Your Lawn

By now, lots of lawns are looking a little seedy. The good news is that fall is a great time to repair, refresh and reinvigorate your grass so that it can be healthier come spring.


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Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Instead of leaving your Christmas tree by the curb for your town to pick up, you can recycle it yourself and get a lot more for your money.


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Branch Out With Tree Debris

Many towns recycle tree debris into compost or mulch, but you could also keep a lot of it in your own yard.


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Too Mulch Of A Good Thing

Those mulch volcanoes you see piled up against trees and shrubs are terrible for plants.


Mulched Pots Hold Water

by KYW’s Phran Novelli Did you water the pots?   It’s hot, it’s sunny and potted plants just sit there waiting for you to water them.