Plant Your Garden With Pets In MindHere are some gardening safety tips to keep your companion animals safe and sound.
Much Better MulchingFor weeks I’ve seen crews everywhere removing old mulch, raking away leaves and piling on new mulch like thick carpet! What a mistake! Here are some tips for better mulching.
How To Recycle Your Christmas TreeOnce the holiday season is over, learn how to dispose of your Christmas tree in the most eco-friendly way possible.
Capture Clippings For Free FertilizerUse a catch-bag on your mower to grab the last leaves and grass clippings of the season and create your own perfect pile of free fertilizer.
Free Fertilizer Delivered On Your DoorstepThe free fertilizer give away is underway! To get yours...just walk outside.
Simple Solution To Prevent WeedsHere's a trick for preventing weeds without using herbicides or weed killer.
Mow Leaves Into MulchAs the leaves start dropping, before the piles start growing, just keep mowing. The leaves will get blitzed into bits that will be a treat for your lawn.
Garden Safety Tips For Your PetHere are some gardening safety tips to keep your dogs and cats healthy.
Leave Leaves To Feed TreesWhen you take leaves away from under a tree and dump mulch on the ground in their place, the mulch can't begin to replace all the nutrients the leaves had naturally.
Leave Leaves!It's smart to get leaves off of your lawn so your grass isn't smothered - but dragging leaves to the curb every fall and then going out to buy heavy bags of mulch and fertilizer in the spring makes no sense.
Local Expert Says It Is Never To Dry To Start Planting Your GardenSpring has sprung early - we know that - but it's also been very dry. So what does that mean for those digging in their garden?
Squirrels Plant OaksSquirrels are happy to race around stuffing acorns in the ground - which is great because we really need more oak trees.

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