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Movie Review: Ready Player OneAs a director – in some ways, as THE director -- Steven Spielberg has on many occasions offered escapism and on other occasions captured reality.
Movie Review: Tomb RaiderSometimes a sequel is more than an equal. And sometimes it is less.
Movie Review: 'Red Sparrow'It’s not that Red Sparrow is for the birds, but it doesn’t exactly fly by either.
Movie Review: WinchesterOscar winner Mirren stars in this supernatural horror drama as Sarah Winchester, the widow of storied gun manufacturer William Winchester.
Movie Review: The PostIt’s Spielberg, Streep, and Hanks – with icons like these, first names are hardly necessary -- together again for the first time.
Movie Review: Top 10 Movies of 2017As 2017 winds down, how about a glance back at the year’s best?
Movie Review: Father FiguresOriginally titled Bastards, this 1970s-set, R-rated, high-concept parentage romp focuses on fraternal twin brothers Kyle and Peter Reynolds.
Movie Review: 'Brad’s Status'Ben Stiller stars as Brad, who narrates this tale in an extensive and exhaustive voiceover that keeps Brad’s point-of-view front and center.
Movie Review: The Glass CastleA sophisticated, successful New York City journalist glances out the window of her taxi one evening and notices a homeless couple scrounging for food scraps in the garbage and trash cans on the street.
Movie Review: Baby DriverThis kid is totally focused when he’s behind the wheel and, while always sporting earbuds, can maneuver a vehicle like nobody’s business.
Movie Review: Transformers: The Last KnightWith all due respect for viewers for whom each new Transformers movie is a gift: lucky you.
Movie Review: Paris Can WaitIt’s difficult to hear the title of this stubbornly slow-moving movie, Paris Can Wait, without thinking, “But can we?”

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