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Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: Office Pet Peeves

By Nicole Brewer: We spend an average of forty hours per week with our co-workers. But, if your 9-5 seems more like an eternity, here are the most common reasons why …

CBS 3–11/05/2010

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: ‘Tag Your Own Bag’

By Nicole Brewer: Air travelers prefer self-service options to traditional tasks handled by agents, according to an industry survey. But, would you be willing to check your own bag?

CBS 3–11/04/2010

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: The Social Vote

By Nicole Brewer: Social media stepped up its game this election season, prompting millions of Americans to sign on and share their experience at the polls. Twitter, Facebook, Google and Foursquare led the virtual path with election-inspired applications to track voter involvement.

CBS 3–11/03/2010

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: Virtual Strip Search v. Pat Down

By Nicole Brewer: The transportation Security Administration has begun rolling out full body scanners. The high-tech machines allow TSA officials to search for weapons, but also give screeners the ability to see beneath a passenger’s clothing.

CBS 3–10/28/2010

Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: No More Snow Days?!

By Nicole Brewer: Well, kiddies …. be careful what you wish for. Your sacred snow day now comes with a catch.


Digital Journalist Nicole Brewer

BLOG: Your Boss Isn’t Buying It

By Nicole Brewer: Monday morning rolls around …and you’re tinkering with the idea of making it a three day weekend. Maybe you’re genuinely sick, maybe you’re not. But, do you suck it up or stay at home?