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Breastfeeding Is Not The Only Answer

Certainly there are key advantages to breastfeeding but formula is also an excellent option.


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3 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Eat More Fruits & Veggies

Many moms (and dads!) don’t have time to spend trying to get their kids to eat their peas and carrots. The solution? Present those fruits and veggies differently – and fast.


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Study: Today’s Moms Less Active Than Previous Generations

The study reveals that in 2010 mothers of children between ages 5 and 18 spent 11 fewer hours doing physical activities, such as laundry and exercise, than mothers in 1965.


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Why Breastfeeders Quit

75% of all new moms try breastfeeding. Yet, only 13% ultimately maintain breastfeeding for the doctor-recommended 6-months duration. So, what happens?


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Study: New Moms May Be Addicted To Smell Of Newborns

A recent study revealed why some new moms just want to “gobble up” any adorable newborn that crosses their path.


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Survey: Youth Sports Leagues Causing Moms To Stress Out

The report, which polled more than 400 moms, revealed that the pressure for kids to perform and the grueling practice schedule of some youth sports leagues has mothers on edge.


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Strollers Needed: New Workout Encourages Moms To Bring Children

There’s a fitness group called Stroller Strides, where strollers are not only welcome — they are needed, because moms use the stroller bar as a workout tool.


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Mama Bear App

Keeping an eye on your kids is getting harder and harder these days. The Mamabear app lets you use their phones to monitor them.



Health: Yoga For Fertility

Infertility is a heartbreaking struggle for more than seven million women. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on some new age kind of help.



Chronic Stress Impairs The Way Moms React To Children

Stressed out moms can be hostile or insensitive to their toddlers, according to new research. 2-year-olds can be a handful and try anyone’s patients.


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