Mold Contamination

(Cedarbrook Middle School.  File photo by John Ostapkovich)

Mold Spore Levels Now ‘Acceptable’ In Some Rooms of Contaminated Cheltenham School

Officials in the Cheltenham School District are still keeping a close eye on mold problems at Cedarbrook Middle School.


(Cedarbrook Middle School.  File photo by John Ostapkovich)

Cheltenham School Board Mulls Its Mold Options For Cedarbrook School

The Cheltenham School District is mulling over its options for Cedarbrook Middle School, where mold remediation delayed the start of the school year.


(Credit:  David Madden)

Some Classrooms in Carneys Point, NJ School Get Anti-Mold Scrubbing

Humid summer weather is believed to be responsible for the problem in 13 classrooms at the Field Street School.


(Mold on a house in center city Philadelphia.  Credit: Lynne Adkins)

Local Expert Says Some Mold-Removal Products Need Addition of Elbow Grease

“Definetly have to scrub on the outdoor ones,” Kenneth Kemp of Rittenhouse Hardware advises. “Or a ‘gentle wash,’ they say, which never works as well as some scrubbing.”


(Contractor taking care of a mold problem. Credit: Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

Post-Hurricane Mold In Your Household

Flooding from the recent big storms, Lee and Irene, may have left behind a hidden problem: mold. Homeowners are being reminded to act quickly to prevent mold from growing inside their walls.


(Willingboro High School.  File photo)

Possible Mold Contamination Found At 3 Willingboro, NJ Schools

The suspected mold was discovered in Willingboro High School, Memorial Middle School, and JC Stuart Elementary School.