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Help For Those Who Suffer From Migraines

A small Belgian study suggests patients may be able to prevent migraines by simply wearing a nerve stimulation device for 20 minutes a day.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Dr. McDonough: Changing Weather Can Affect Your Health, But Not How You Might Think

This time of year, it’s one of the most common questions I get in the office: “the weather’s changing and I don’t feel well. Is that a result of the weather?”


depression stress

Study Suggests Migraines Can Lead To Depression

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine headache, you know it can cause a great deal of pain, and certainly the pain can cause a bit of short-term depression when you’re experiencing it. But, what about long term?



Doctors Highlight New Treatments During Migraine Awareness Month

June is national Migraine Awareness Month and there are new ways to battle the debilitating pain.