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Man Convicted Of Sex Trafficking Young Women Locally Irritates Federal Judge

A man convicted of sex trafficking young women – from Philadelphia to Atlantic City and elsewhere – tried to explain his actions at sentencing, and did himself no favors.


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Area Man Draws Life Sentence For Sex Trafficking 3 Women, One A Minor

Two of the three women who were victimized by Christian Dior Womack submitted impact statements to US District Court in Philadelphia, each saying they were still haunted by horrible memories and will never be the same.


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Philadelphia Man Sentenced To More Than 20 Years For Sex Trafficking

A 35-year-old Philadelphia man has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for sex trafficking young vulnerable women.


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Phila. Man Convicted of Sex-Trafficking, Faces Years in Prison

It took the jury little more than three hours to convict Rahim McIntyre of three of the four charges against him, including taking part in interstate commercial sex trafficking.


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Alleged Victims Of Human Trafficking For Sex In Philadelphia Speak In Federal Court

Testimony in an alleged human trafficking for sex case has ended in federal court in Philadelphia.


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Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out In Court

The horror of human trafficking has a face — and a voice — and a federal judge has heard victim impact from a minor victim of a convicted sex trafficker.


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Man Convicted In Philadelphia In Brutal Sex Trafficking Case

Federal authorities have gotten a conviction in a human trafficking case that spanned the east coast, and reached our area.



Man Charged With Running Philadelphia-Based Forcible Prostitution Ring

Officials say this case is part of a concerted effort to crack down on the disturbingly common crime of human trafficking.


Philadelphia Man Charged With Promoting Sex Crimes Against Underage Girls

Federal prosecutors say defendant Rashaad McIntyre was running a prostitution operation that employeed girls under the age of 18.