Michael Scales

(A student's belongings are piled up for move-in day at Temple University.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Part 1: Back-to-School Scrimping

While the economy continues to sag, tuition costs continue to skyrocket, so an increasing number of students and parents are implementing cost-cutting strategies in order to keep up.


(Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Move-In Day At Temple University: Now It’s A High-Tech Event

Clothing and linens are “must haves” on moving-in day, but today’s tech savvy freshmen also bring along their electronics.


(A mother helps her daughter, a student at Temple University, get moved in.  Credit: Temple University)

Part 4: And What About Your College Kid?

If your child headed for college for the first time, you are probably facing a daunting list of what they want to take. But perhaps they don’t need as much as they think.