Michael Cera

("This Is The End" stars dozens of actors using their real names, including Michael Cera, center.)

Movie Review: ‘This Is the End’

It gets points for originality and daring before the first credit rolls. But that wouldn’t mean a thing if it weren’t also amusing. Which it is and then some.


(Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the title character in "The Great Gatsby.")

Bill Wine’s Summer Movie Previews

What do moviegoers have to look forward to (or, perhaps, in some cases, dread) through the rest of May and into June, July, and August?


Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

by KYW’s Bill Wine The opening reels of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are a wonder of briskly displayed inventiveness, a burst of organized chaos that’s part comic book, part video game, part music video, […]