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Merion Pa

(An art class in one of the galleries at the Barnes Foundation's previous location in Merion, Pa.   Photo provided by Barnes Foundation)

Philadelphia’s New Jewel: The Barnes, Part 5

Derek Gillman, executive director of the Barnes Foundation, says the new home includes a state-of-the-art lighting system which will enable visitors to see the art in a more natural setting.


(Robert Zaller, of the group "Friends of the Barnes," speaking at a 2006 forum opposing the move of the foundation and its collection to Philadelphia.  Image from Youtube)

Philadelphia’s New Jewel: The Barnes, Part 4

“My assumption is that the Barnes, under the current business model, must fail,” says Robert Zaller, a longtime opponent of the Barnes’ move to Philadelphia.


(Jay Raymond, center of photo in dark coat, takes part in a protest outside a fence on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway announcing the new site of the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.  Credit: 'Save The Barnes')

Philadelphia’s New Jewel: The Barnes, Part 3

“If you think of it (the Merion campus) as a work of art, and sort of think of the paintings as jewels and the gardens as the setting, what’s happened now is that these jewels have been removed from its setting,” says Jay Raymond about the move to Philadelphia.


(Artist's rendering of a portion of the grounds around the new Barnes Museum, on the Benj. Franklin Parkway.)

Philadelphia’s New Jewel: The Barnes, Part 2

Laurie Olin, who led the design of the new museum’s landscape on the 4½-acre downtown site, says he was mindful of the mandate to make the new place both an institution within a garden and a garden in a gallery.


(Artist's rendering of the new Barnes Foundation home in Philadelphia.)

Barnes Museum Tickets Go On Sale To An Eager Public

Tickets went on sale to the general public on Thursday morning, and several dates are already sold out.


(credit:  Phrann Novelli)

Barnes Foundation Plant Sale

The Arboretum School of the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA will host its annual plant sale this weekend.