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State Of Pennsylvania To Send Mental Health Records Of Those Prohibited From Buying Guns

It took 18th months and legislative pressure, but the state of Pennsylvania has agreed to sending the mental health records of people prohibited from buying firearms to a federal database.


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Gov. Christie Announces NJ SAFE Task Force To Study Root Of Violent Crime

A blue ribbon panel will look into a lot more than just gun control in New Jersey as the state attempts to address security concerns in light of last month’s carnage at a Connecticut grade school.



Relieving Stress Through The Holiday Season

Perhaps the best way to deal with the stress this holiday season is to understand that it is going to happen and to try and do things to minimize it. Find ways to relax.



Acute Stress Disorder

It is called acute stress disorder. This is a psychiatric diagnosis that we do not talk about much but it occurs in patients after witnessing, hearing about or being directly exposed to a traumatic event.


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Adults With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is well-documented as a problem in children but it can persist into adulthood in at least thirty percent of cases.


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Relax This Summer

There is no running from the pressures of this economy. All of us need to understand that we need time to relax and enjoy life. It is crucial to use the summer to recharge your batteries.



Mental Illness Accomodation

Most employers know they shouldn’t fire employees who aren’t healthy. But what about employees who aren’t, in common parlance, sane?


mental fitness boot camp

Health: An Exclusive Look Inside The Military’s Mental Fitness Boot Camp

Soldiers from across the country are coming to Philadelphia for new kind of training; here’s an exclusive look inside the military’s new, mental fitness boot camp.


The Center Of Emotional Fitness

Depression Treatment At The Center For Emotional Fitness

Have you been feeling down, anxious or depressed? How can you tell if those feelings are fleeting, or if you should see a doctor for treatment or a possible research study?


South Philadelphia Stabbing

Police: Point Breeze Mother Identified After Admitting Killing Her Two Kids

Philadelphia Police have now identified the 27-year-old mother who confessed to killing her two children Wednesday evening.



Health Watch: Mental Health Program Bridges Gap To College, Work

When recovering from mental health problems, the transition from being a patient to a student or employee can be tricky.


Smoking May Lead To Alzheimer’s

It has been documented that smoking increases the risk of most diseases but now a new report makes an interesting connection: people who smoke heavily in middle age could more than double their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia 20 years later.


Ambidextrous Children May Be Mentally Challenged

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough It may be a great help to be ambidextrous if you want to be a Major League baseball player but, according to some studies in pediatric journals there […]




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