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Medical Technology

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Care Is Critical Component Of Healthcare

If your doctor is empathetic and compassionate, it can help remove countless obstacles and lead to high quality care.


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Remote Doctors Visits

Would you like to see your doctor via Skype?


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Goggles To Diagnose Strokes

We often have to do CT scans or MRIs to check for strokes but researchers at Johns Hopkins believe they have a much more simple bedside alternative.


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Microchip Technology Advancing Medical Research

A microchip that monitors bacterial growth in 3D is being used to study the effectiveness of drugs.


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Medical Profession Lags In Use Of Real-World Technology

The medical industry, which has been so far ahead in developing technology such as CT scans, MRIs and PET scans, has done relatively little to use real-world technology that already exists.



Electronic Medical Records

The use of electronic medical records is gaining momentum in health care. Perhaps the biggest is the fact that the government is behind it and initially helping to fund the effort.


Studying The Brains Of Teen Bullies

Growing scientific research and better technology allows researchers to look closely at the brains of teens prone to bullying.


The Move To Electronic Medical Records

If you see a computer in the examination room or your doctor is carrying around a tablet, the odds are electronic medical records are being used.


Concern Over Skyrocketing Number Of CT Scans

There is increasing concern over exposure to ionizing radiation from a skyrocketing number of CT scans for all kinds of medical testing.