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Study: Moderate Wine Consumption Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer

According to a study, women who drink between three and six glasses of wine per week are at slightly higher risk of breast cancer.


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Study: ‘Saw Palmetto’ Is Not Effective Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

A new study shows the drug Saw Palmetto does not perform as advertised.



Study: Having A Positive Outlook On Life Is Good For Your Health

Optimism is associated with a reduced risk of stroke, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan.


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Report: Most Parents Have Concerns About Children’s Vaccines

There’s an interesting report in the journal Health Affairs which takes a look at parents and vaccines. What the study has found is that only one in five parents have no concerns about childhood vaccines.


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Hormone-Blocking Drug Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

There are significant developments in the battle to prevent breast cancer.


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Study: People With Genital Herpes Can Spread The Virus Without Knowing They Have It

World wide, more than 530 million people have the herpes virus and according to a new report people who harbor the virus can be shedding it as much as 10 percent of the time, not even knowing they have it.


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Study: Lack Of Sleep And Making Financial Decisions Are Not A Good Mix

A new study suggests it would be wise put away the checkbook if you have been burning the candle at both ends lately.



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