Medical Malpractice

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Pa. Senate OKs Bill To Allow Health Care Apologies

A bill that would allow health care professionals to apologize for a mistake without it being admissible in court as evidence of liability has the approval of Pennsylvania state senators.


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Legal Recourse After A Misdiagnosis

If you’ve been misdiagnosed, can you sue the doctor?


Number Of Medical Malpractice Cases In Pa. Levels Off After 6-Year Decline

After six years of steady decline, the number of medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania has leveled off.


(It is the season for trauma according to one local ER doctor.)

Survey Says: Docs Fear Being Sued, Order More Tests

The American College of Emergency Physicians conducted a survey and found a doctor’s fear of being sued is the main reason why they order the number of tests they do. A local doctor from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital chimes in.


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Number of Medical Malpractice Cases Continue Decline in Pennsylvania

In Philadelphia, filings were down almost 70 percent from the average of the baseline years.


Dr. Peter Kowey helped organize the summit. (Photo provided by Main Line Health)

Medical Malpractice Summit Brings Together Doctors And Lawyers

A health care summit on medical malpractice was held at the Hyatt on Delaware Avenue, yesterday. Doctors and lawyers gathered to discuss issues and possible Pennsylvania tort reform.


Test Questions

In our medical world we have dozens of tests that we can order at any time. This is a great weapon in patient care but it can also be a problem.


Avoiding Surgical Mistakes

According to a report from the Netherlands, surgical mistakes could be avoided, in many cases, by using a checklist to check out safety issues.