Medical Editor Dr. Brian McDonough


New Study Finds Evidence Of Chemo Brain

According to new information based on a retrospective study which looked at brain scans from 128 breast cancer patients, the condition known as Chemo Brain does exist.



Report: Patients Favor Online Access To Medical Records

A new report in the Archives of Internal Medicine says patients like their medical records online, where they can get them with a click of a mouse.


New Online Course Educates College Kids About The Horrors Of Binge Drinking

In 2001, it was estimated that about 600,000 full time students at four year universities were injured in alcohol related incidents. 97,000 were victims of alcohol related sexual assault or rape.


sleep deprived

With Time Change Comes Tips For Improving Sleep Hygiene

We’re now on Eastern Standard Time, meaning it’ll get dark earlier in the evening and light a bit earlier in the morning. But what does the change mean to your health.