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Penn Sets Standard For Teaching Entrepreneurship To Neighborhood Students

More than 25 years ago the Wharton School created a program to impact the surrounding area and involve business students in local high schools.


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Harvard Business School Considering Online Education

Harvard Business School, the B-School, is at a critical juncture; should it enter online education and, if so, how?


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Education Is The Best Investment Says Philadelphia Senior Business Manager

You will spend about half (or more) of your waking hours working at your chosen profession, so you might as well enjoy what you are doing.


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V.P. of Finance Finds Internships Better Prepare You For The Philadelphia Job Market

College internships make the transition into the working world a lot smoother and could sometimes lead to a full-time position after graduation.


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Temple Offers Free Taste Of MBA Program

If you’re thinking about going for an MBA, but would like to try before you buy, Temple’s Fox School of Business will allow you to take an online course for free, if you act fast.


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Habitat For Humanity Holds Grand Opening For Its New Store In Philadelphia

ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s 19,000 square foot outlet in Kensington, sort of Goodwill meets Home Depot.



Unique Program Offers Entrepreneurs A Chance To Enhance Their Skills

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program was designed by working entrepreneurs for those who want to bring their ideas and businesses to market.


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Recent LaSalle Grad Explains How Life Changing Events Can Lead To A Career Change

One of LaSalle’s new graduates is a woman who made a major career change after fate fired a shot across her bow.



Students Earn MBA On Facebook

The London School of Business and Finance has developed a Facebook application to host course material, video lectures and student discussions.

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