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Mayo Clinic

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Restless Leg Syndrome Could Indicate A More Serious Condition

The Mayo Clinic has found that people with very frequent leg movements during sleep are more likely to have so-called thick hearts.



Mild Weight Gain Can Increase Blood Pressure

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that just a few pounds can increase blood pressure.


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Cringe-worthy Study Reveals Stethoscopes May Be Covered In Bacteria

It seems obvious now that it’s mentioned, but you’ve probably never considered the germs that could be congregating on the most rudimentary of medical tools.


Separating Fact From Myth: The Gluten-Free Diet

How important is the gluten-free diet for people on it?


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Herb May Help Cancer Side Effects

According to the results of a Mayo Clinic study, high doses of the herb American ginseng over two months was found to reduce cancer related fatigue.


(Anna Krentcil was arrested on charges that she took her six-year-old daughter into a tanning booth.  File photo)

Anti-Cancer Groups Want N.J. To Ban Indoor Tanning For Those Under 18

The push is not due to the recent hue and cry over that New Jersey mom and her child in a tanning facility, but to what the American Cancer Society says are scary new figures about melanoma.


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Anesthesia May Increase Risk Of ADHD

A report from the Mayo Clinic suggests that children exposed to anesthesia at a young age – two or more anesthetics by age three – had more than double the incidence of ADHD than children with no exposure.


Older Men More Likely to Suffer Memory Problems Than Women

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough Just another chapter in the book ‘which is the stronger sex?’ A recent report in the journal Neurology finds that elderly men are more likely to suffer memory […]