(Students at Truebright Science Academy measure the diameter of a giant cookie.  Pi (3.14159...) is the mathematical ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference.  Photo by John McDevitt)

In North Philadelphia, ‘Pi Day’ Celebrated With Schoolwork — and Real Pies

Saturday, March 14th (3/14), is International Pi (3.14…) Day, a day to celebrate all things mathematical.

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John Urschel (#64) while playing for Penn State. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

John Urschel Shined At PSU, Now With Ravens

Former Penn State football player John Urschel showed a great example of how to balance academics and athletics while in college.


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Splash Math App

School may be out, but students looking to brush up on their math skills will be hard pressed to find a better tool than Splash Math.


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Math Museums

The Mo Math Museum in New York opened on the mathematically hip date of 12/12/12. And, it’s one of the hottest tickets in the city.


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Khan Academy

My grandson told me he was learning advanced math and when I asked where, he told me it was at a free website program, Khan Academy. Millions of others are doing the same.


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Why Mental Arithmetic Counts

Those who did well in the math section of the PSAT showed more activity in the brain area linked to memory of math facts.



MultiFlow App

Math doesn’t have to be stressful. Multiflow adds a gaming element to learning multiplication tables from 1 to 20.


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King Of Math App

Let’s face it. Math is not the sexiest subject for kids. Add a competitive element, though, and things change.


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No More ‘Borrowing’ In Math

As part of making math instruction become more rigorous, more precise terms are being used, words closer to their mathematical meanings and better able to translate into higher math.



Study Shows Students Who Major In Astronomy Have Zero Unemployment

If you have a college age student with an undeclared major, you may want to steer them into astronomy.