Masai Skief

(The US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  File photo by Ed Fischer)

Former Phila. Charter School Head Sentenced For Persistent Embezzlement

Masai Skief was sentenced to three years in prison after working out a plea deal for a sentence of about two years.


(credit: Getty Images)

Longer Sentence Sought For Former Charter School President Who Stole Money

Federal authorities are now seeking a longer sentence for a former Charter School president who has admitted stealing more money after pleading guilty.



Disgraced Charter School President Admits To Stealing More Money While Awaiting Sentencing

A federal judge has revoked bail for Masai Skief after the defense conceded he took more money while awaiting sentencing after a guilty plea in the case.



Harambee Charter School President Admits To Stealing Money From School

Authorities say Masai Skief, 32, as President of the School and Institute, used that position to steal nearly $90,000.


Unity Feast at Harambee Charter School in Overbrook Park. (Credit: Mark Abrams)

Students At West Philly Charter School Celebrate Thanksgiving With Unity Feast

Students at an Overbrook Park charter school are marking the holiday with a feast that also celebrates their African-American heritage.