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Jury Will Hear Babysitter’s Prior Statements in 1992 Montco Murder Case

Judge Garrett Page ruled Monday that the alleged recorded confession Melissa Haskell made while sitting in a car with her ex-husband last year was not coerced and can be heard by a jury. Her attorney says his client was manipulated.



Trial Ordered For Montco Woman In 1992 Babysitting Death

Haskell was charged after prosecutors reopened the case following a tip from the 38-year-old woman’s former husband.



Montco Babysitter Charged With Murdering Infant Wants Bail

Her attorney says the woman was coerced into confessing on tape by her husband during a child custody battle.


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Chester County Woman Sent Back To Jail After Another DUI Crash

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney revealed in court that his client, Erin Miller of Spring City, was drunk and behind the wheel of a car that crashed in Berks County last month, injuring two friends.