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Study: Why Does Cheap Wine Taste Better If We Think It’s Expensive?

A new study claims the placebo effect is so strong it can actually change our brain chemistry.


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Report: Social Media Plays Substantial Role In Driving Holiday Sales

According to research released by digital marketing platform Offerpop, 67% of marketers plan to increase their social media budgets this holiday season.


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New Study Indicates Phillies Fans Are Biggest Bandwagoners

A new study indicates Phillies fans are the most sensitive.


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Price Spotting App

PriceSpotting is a community-based tool that tracks grocery prices in your neighborhood.


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Using Fear Tactics To Promote Healthy Choices

Fear tactics have been used many times over the years but is it a good thing to use these tactics to influence medical care?


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Financial Company Ranks Majors Based On Student Loan Repayment

Tuition, room and board, books and possible graduate degrees add up pretty quickly and is helping students find out the return on investment for their degree.



Programmers, Advertisers Looking To Take Advantage Of Twitter, TV Relationship

A recent Nielsen and SocialGuide study revealed that more Twitter chatter correlates to higher television ratings and TV programmers and advertisers are looking to take advantage of that marriage.


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FTC Investigates Data Brokers

Do you know what a data broker is? Chances are you don’t. But data brokers know a lot about you.


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Social Network Testing New Way To Make Ads More Personal

Facebook is looking at using details to place targeted ads for other companies – not on its smartphone apps, but on others, and on mobile web.


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Pen Marketed Toward Women Receiving Mixed Reviews

Bic, the company that makes razors, has cut a little to close to the nerve with its new line of pens “for her.”


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Marketing + Science: Beverage Company Stages Honesty Experiment in South Philly

Who knew that a social experiment could taste so good?



3 On Your Side: Retailer Emails Up 20 Percent

Does it ever feel like you can’t keep up with your inbox and that the email keeps coming and coming? It’s not your imagination. As 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan explains, the amount of email being sent is increasing.



New Trends In Email Presentation And Delivery On Mobile Devices

When it comes to checking e-mail, desktops and laptops are about to get left in the dust of smartphones and tablets.


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Phillies Promotional Giveaways Are In The Lineup

The Phillies 2012 lineup is set. Not the players, but the team’s lineup of promotions and giveaways.


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Home “Staging” Helps Sell Homes Across Delaware Valley

The slightly lived-in look is helping to sell homes across the Philadelphia area.