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(Philadelphia City Council.  Source:  City of Phila. TV)

Philadelphia Lawmakers Approve Mandatory Sick Leave For Certain Workers

This bill, approved by a 15-2 vote, applies only to companies that win large contracts with the city. Mayor Nutter vetoed an earlier version.


(Philadelphia City Council chambers.  File photo)

City Council Fails To Resurrect Mandatory Sick Leave Measure

Even as Philadelphia City Council on Thursday overrode one veto by Mayor Michael Nutter, another veto by the mayor will stand.


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Local Self-Sufficiency Charity Seeks Donations Of Basics For Needy Families

A Montgomery County-based organization that helps families become self-sufficient is asking for the public’s help in supplying the families with the things they need.


Supporters of mandated paid sick leave were disappointed in the mayor's veto. (Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Mayor Nutter Vetoes Paid Sick Leave Bill

Mayor Nutter says the economy factored into his decision to veto a bill that would have mandated many businesses in the city give paid sick leave to workers.



City Council Considers Forcing Employers To Offer Earned Sick Days

Advocates for the bill say it would cut health care costs. Opponents call it burdensome.