Low Dose CT Scans Offer Early Screening for Lung CancerEarly screening for lung cancer can drastically improve your chances of survival, according to Brooke Leibfreid, Cancer Center Nurse Navigator at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. She says too often, lung cancer is diagnosed after symptoms occur, which in many cases indicates the disease has spread to other parts of the body. At that point, the survival rate is low, just 20 percent. But with early screening, before you have symptoms, she says the disease can be found before it has spread, which leads to many more treatment options that give patients a shot at a long-term cure and as a result a patient's survival rate skyrockets to 88 percent.
Health Officials Encourage Screenings To Help Diagnose Lung CancerFor patients who've smoked a long time, the scans are covered by insurance, the American Lung Association says.
Ask The Doctors: Learning About Lung Cancer
Early Detection of Lung CancerSurvival rates for lung cancer are normally quite low, because the disease is often found late after the cancer has spread. If it can be found early before symptoms appear, the chances of survival skyrocket, according to Brooke Leibfreid, Lung Cancer Care Coordinator at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. She says annually screening those at risk for lung cancer will save lives.
Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Cancer-Stricken Fan With Guitar, KissVideo shows Cesario yell out "oh my God!" after seeing Bon Jovi.
KYW And Deborah Team Up For Lung Cancer Screening [LISTEN]
Health: New Lung Cancer Treatments Show PromiseThe new numbers from the CDC show the number of cancer deaths will rise most among black women.
Hundreds Climb Stairs To Help Raise Money For Fight Against Lung CancerThe last thing many people want to do on a Saturday morning is to climb 50 flights of stairs. But that's exactly what hundreds of people woke up early to do this morning in Center City Philadelphia. And it was all for a good cause.
Managing COPDThere are certain tips that can help if you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive piulmonary disease. The first is to quit smoking.
Doylestown Hospital And Lung Cancer Awareness MonthDr. James B. McClurken, MD of Doylestown Hospital’s Heart Institute, spoke with us about lung cancer, since this month is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.
Research Confirms Long-held Belief That Polluted Air Causes CancerAccording to new research from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, outdoor air pollution has now been categorized as carcinogenic to humans.
Study: Americans Are Healthier But Lag Behind Health Advances In Other Countries According to a new study, although progress has been made in improving the health of Americans, our country still lags behind advances in other wealthy nations.

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