Los Angeles International Airport

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Best Airports For Layovers In America

If leaving the airport isn’t a possibility, here is a look at five of the best airports for layovers in America.


(John Jordan, the lawyer for the alleged LAX shooter's family, reads a statement at a press conference in Pennsville, NJ.   Credit: CBS3)

Family of Accused LAX Shooter Hires Attorney, Releases Statement

After he recovers from his own wounds, Paul Ciancia will go on trial for the murder of TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez. Attorney John Jordan will represent the defendant.


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LAX Shooting Causes Traveling Nightmare For Many Flying To Philly

Passengers whose flights were delayed in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon were still making their way into Philadelphia early Saturday morning.


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Woman Traveling To Philadelphia Describes Hearing Gunshots At LAX

In a phone interview with CBS 3, a woman described hearing shots and seeing passengers scramble inside Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport where she was waiting to board a flight to Philadelphia to visit her sister.


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Alleged Gunman In LAX Shooting From Pennsville, NJ

Law enforcement authorities say the alleged gunman in Friday’s shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is from Pennsville, Salem County.


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Local Woman On Last Flight To Land At LAX Before Ground Stop Declared

A local woman is sitting on the last plane to land at Los Angeles International Airport before the ground stop was declared following a shooting.