Zeoli Show Log 09.27.16Rich discussed the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Donald Trump's response to the Birther question and Tyson's recalling chicken nuggets. He also discussed Donald Trump's preparedness, Howard Dean's cocaine tweet and more. Rich spoke with Salena Zito at 4pm and Michael Steele at 5:30pm.
[INFOGRAPHIC] Loans Versus Investments: Evaluating Small Business Funding OptionsWhen you're ready to go to the next step with your business, you'll need to find increased funding.
3 On Your Side: New Ways To Borrow MoneyWhen you think of taking out a loan, do you automatically think of heading to the bank? Well as 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan finds, these days more and more people are heading to the online marketplace, especially if the loan is for non-traditional reasons.
Cops: Pennsylvania Woman Scammed Out Of $26K With Phony Lottery 'Win'Police say a Pennsylvania woman has conned an elderly friend out of $26,000 by claiming to have won the New York lottery.
Tips On Auto Financing If You Have Poor CreditEasy credit and longer-term loans currently being offered at auto dealerships can make buying an expensive car alluring, but don't get reeled in.
Financial Expert Says People Overreact To DebtEver since the Great recession began, a lot of us have been paying off existing debt and avoiding getting any new loans, but an investment specialist says too many people are too hot or too cold on something that needs to be just right.
Atlantic City’s Revel Casino Gets $150M More In FinancingWhile some questioned the wisdom of opening a $2.4 billion casino resort in a cutthroat market at the end of a nationwide financial meltdown, some investors still believe in Revel.
BLOG: Home Loans for NJ Buyers, Cops and Firefighters
BLOG: Mortgage Rates At Historic Low, Few Qualify
3 On Your Side: Pay Day Loan ScamNeed money fast? If you're thinking of getting one of those pay day loans, you may want to think twice. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan explains that some customers are reporting that they're getting more than they bargained for.

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